2016 buget cuts Medicare

Date: February 2, 2015 
President Obama's proposed 2016 budget cuts Medicare by more than $415 billion dollars. However, the budget would also eliminate sesquestration. Considered mainly a political tool, President Obama's budget is not expected to progress through the Republican-led congress.
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A USA Today article highlighted CDC data showing the flu season is severely impacting facilities that care for the elderly, including hospitals and LTC facilities. The vaccine for this season is only 27% effective according to the CDC, and the flu is worse than last year with 46 states reporting "widespread" flu. The CDS also reports that this year's strain is particulary hard on both the young and the elderly.
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CMS released the updated 2015 Fee Schedule on January 8, 2015. The January release incorporates the changes posted in the Correction Notice for the 2015 Physician Fee Schedule (CR 8939). The updated files are available on the CMS website or through Medicare's MACs.
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